Learning Introduction

Our curriculum focuses on meeting the individual needs of every student. This is achieved through thorough, regular and rigorous assessment, with explicit teaching which builds upon what the students know and then takes them the ‘next step on their learning journey’.

We provide age appropriate learning in Religious Education, Maths, English, Science, Health, History, Personal Development and Interpersonal Development, in the regular classroom setting. Specialist classes consist of Italian, Sport, Art, Music and Information & Communications Technology. We are encouraging of our students developing deeper level thinking and problem solving, particularly through the use of digital technologies in an online world.

St Paul’s Primary School provides a contemporary learning environment, which promotes rich and rigorous teaching and learning. Our classrooms are light and welcoming. We are particularly proud of our Discovery Centre (library & research space), School Hall and Multipurpose Room, which assist our students in accessing a rich and relevant curriculum.

St. Paul’s Primary School places a great emphasis on digital technologies, including computers, laptops, tablet devices (iPads), Google Chromebooks, flat-panel screens and interactive whiteboards. We are mindful of the positive effect these technologies have on our students, as well as of the need to ensure access to them in a safe and secure cyber environment.

Our learning and teaching is:

  • rich in assessment
  • personalised
  • aimed at the needs of our students
  • supportive and encouraging of risk taking
  • rigorous and relevant

We encourage our students to:

  • reflect and plan
  • think and work creatively
  • communicate and collaborate
  • explore possibilities and passions
  • take action that matters
  • commit to service and justice
  • take responsibility for themselves