St. Paul’s Primary School, Kealba

St. Paul’s Primary School, Kealba, has a proud tradition of excellence in education, development of faith and working with our families, for over 40 years. Our current enrolment is at 350 students, with two classes at each year level.

St. Paul’s Primary School is a proud Catholic school, which nourishes the faith of our students’ through prayer, the sacraments and other faith learning experiences. We actively promote the living out of the gospel values of love, acceptance, respect, justice and empathy in all of our daily interactions, and recognise the positive effect this has on the climate of our school.

Our students are encouraged to:

  • aspire to reach their personal best and celebrate their achievements
  • show respect to others at all times
  • live out the Gospel message of love in all that they say and do
  • solve issues in a peaceful and respectful manner
  • be stewards of God’s creation, our world, caring for their environment and all who live in it

Our staff are encouraged to:

  • have high expectations of all of their students
  • know and understand themselves as learners
  • instill in our students a love of learning and a sense that we can all achieve
  • live out the Gospel message of love in all that they say and do
  • respect parents as the initial educators of their children
  • provide a positive environment wherein learning is seen as vital for all

Our parents & guardians are encouraged to:

  • support their children’s education by being in a genuine partnership with the school
  • See themselves as parent-educators, working closely with their children’s teacher-educators
  • build social relationships
  • support our school